For children 18 months to eight years old, ICM offers early, intensive intervention services within the home through a partnership with the University of Arkansas and the Arkansas Department of Human Services (i.e., Arkansas Partnership Program or AAP). The AAP is a Medicaid Waiver program that waives parental income for participation; there is no cost or copay for this program. Parents enroll their children in the program prior to the child turning five years of age; children can remain enrolled for up to three years.

Our statewide program provides one-to-one intervention with the child in the home for 20 to 25 hours per week by a team of therapists. The team utilizes evidenced-based individualized strategies to help children develop skills in the areas of cognition, communication, self-care, socialization, and appropriate behavior. All services are individualized to meet the unique needs of each child.

Parental or guardian participation is a significant strength of the Autism Waiver program. Parents are considered active members of the team for treatment and are trained to use strategies included in their child’s treatment plan. Parents are present during each therapy session equipping them to implement parts of the treatment plan at least 14 hours per week when therapists are not present.

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