Children, adults, and seniors can receive ICM community supports services through two primary means:

  • Medicaid
    • Children and adults with disabilities in need of community supports who are Arkansas Medicaid-eligible can apply for services with the Arkansas Department of Human Services. These services are funded through the 1915c Community and Employment Services Waiver. Upon being notified they are eligible to receive services, individuals can select a PASSE (Provider-led Shared Savings Entity) to manage their care. PASSEs are insurance companies that are responsible for overseeing the care provided to Medicaid beneficiaries eligible to receive 1915c Waiver services. The four PASSEs currently licensed in Arkansas are Arkansas Total Care, Summit Community Care, Empower Healthcare Solutions, and CareSource.
    • After being referred to a PASSE, the individual can select a provider for Supportive Living. ICM is a provider for Supportive Living.
  • Private Pay
    • Children, adults, and seniors in need of community supports who are not Medicaid-eligible can pay a private rate for in-home services.